Endorsed by “League of Pissed-Off Voters”

While those outside San Francisco might not recognize it, the “League of Pissed-Off Voters” is a real (and influential) thing in the City.  I don’t follow all their logic in some of their endorsements, and of course I disagree with some, but I have no quarrel with their endorsement for State Treasurer!  Here is what they had to say.  (I should note that I am just one of three co-authors of the book, Numismatic Archaeology of North America.)  For all their endorsements for all state, local and federal offices and on local and state ballot measures, go to their site:    http://www.theleaguesf.org/#Treasurer

Treasurer: Kevin Akin

The state treasurer handles state debt and bonds and sits with the state controller on panels that manage California’s two major pension funds. It’s a snoozer of a job with a ton of power.

Kevin Akin is a retired hospital maintenance worker and longtime activist in the Peace and Freedom Party  is running to be the next state banker. Akin is advocating for a state municipal bank, updating the tax code to fund social services, and breaking up the love affair between billionaires’ corporations and state legislators.

Fun fact: Akin is a whiz at numismatics, the study of coins and currency, and wrote a book on the subject to advise archaeologists and historians.

This race will likely go to the top two moderate Democrats: Fiona Ma (conservative former SF supe and recent member of the sketchy State Board of Equalization) and Vivek Viswanathan (30-year-old former policy advisor to Hillary Clinton and special adviser in Gov Jerry Brown’s office). We’ll weigh in on them in the fall, but for the primary, we’re voting our values. Vote Kevin Akin for State Treasurer!

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  • Hope (Neisinger)Mulstay

    Good Work Kevin, I remember you from RGH in Riverside, I worked in Material Managment – then to MorenoValley. You are an interesting go getter. I have remarried since then. I retired from the Health Department at the young age of 62 when I worked at Haz Mat.
    Good luck with all you do for the 99%. I still have your book you published for the history on RGH. You are a busy guy. Thank you

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